Winter Issue

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Pastor’s Pick

It Starts at Home by Kurt and Olivia Bruner

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Marcus’ Selection

It’s My Pleasure by Dee Ann Turner

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Worship Ministry Selection

Jesus Changes Everything by Nick Hall

Teenagers often feel trapped. They’re stuck in the same habits, depression sets in, and they wonder about their purpose. Life might seem pointless or hopeless at best. The lie that says nothing will ever change pulls teenagers deeper into the rut.
But Jesus offers a way out. He reaches down to give life—a new path to follow. He has the power to free us from habits, redeem our relationships, and give us a new identity. It all begins by deciding to follow Him, because a life surrendered to Jesus is a life transformed.
In this 4-part series, Nick Hall, Founder and Chief Communicator for PULSE, a ministry focused on reaching the next generation for Christ, talks to students about how a relationship with Jesus changes everything—our identity, relationships, habits, and mission. Students will be challenged to allow Jesus to transform every aspect of their lives.

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Student Ministry Selection

Excel: Live Your Life. Be Free by Scott Phelps

The Excel Video Series is a companion to the Excel student workbook and is designed for youth in large groups, small group, or one on one settings. Excelis a positive presentation on sexual purity based on the Joseph narrative in Genesis. Rather than emphasizing the negative consequences of premarital sex, Excel presents God’s plan for sex as good and beautiful in a way that is respectful and appropriate for youth with an overall emphasis on seeking to live for the glory of God.

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Children’s Ministry Selection

What is God’s Plan? with Phil Fischer
What’s God plan for us? Phil Vischer, founder of Jellyfish Labs and co-creator of the acclaimed VeggieTales, answers the question by looking at the book of Ephesians. With the help of some animated friends, Phil unpacks what it means to live the way God intends—for us and for the whole world.

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