Worship Pastor Samantha Jackson Rude

Jesus. He is my greatest passion in life.

My constant prayer for life-ministry is “God- give me a passion for Your people in the city of Katy, and the house of KCF. Let me feel the burden that you have for them.”

I want to be wrapped up and intimately acquainted with the sorrow, joy, the struggles, and the overall spiritual condition of our local community so that the songs we are singing are relevant, fresh, and applicable to our lives.

Samantha Jackson-Rude

My Favorite Verse

It’s a little too difficult to narrow it down to just one, maybe my top 3 chapters:

Psalm 40 – We worship Him for who and how He is- as who and what He has made us.

Revelation 4- Glimpse of Heavenly worship!!! This is what is taking place around the throne. This is what we participate in when we are worshipping in Spirit and Truth.

I Corinthians 13- It’s all about LOVE; Love for God, and love for His people and Kingdom. Without it, our worship- our LIFE!- is just

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