Limitless Influence

Join us as Student Ministry Leaders and Volunteers host the Limitless Influence Study and Small Group Break out Sunday afternoon’s from 4-5:30 pm.

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The What

LIMITLESS INFLUENCE -“Freedom is heavens top priority”

As pastors, parents, & leaders we have the responsibility to increase the freedom in the lives of those around us. Limitless Influence is a curriculum will give you the tools, language, and confidence on how to draw the best out of people.The truths in this curriculum have been used in many different spheres – For any person who wants to shape character and wisdom in the toughest moments of discipleship, you will gain confidence that your words and actions will be caught and walked out. For the business owner who wants to get more out of their employees, you will be given strategies and language to increase productivity & develop a culture of honor. For the parent who wants to surface their child’s greatness, you will be given words that won’t fall on deaf ears.

The When

Limitless Influence Study Breakdown:
Jan 8 / Session 1: The DNA of A Mentor
Jan 15/ Session 2: 3 Types of Mentors
Jan 22/ Session 3: Freedom – Heaven’s Top Priority
Jan 29/ Session 4: Imparting Love Instead of Fear
Feb 5/ No Limits
Feb 12/ Session 5: The Language of A Mentor
Feb 19/ Session 6: Creating Powerful People
Feb 26/ Session 7: Mistake Management
Mar 5/ Session 8: The Discipleship Process – Making Disciples
Mar 12/ No Limits
Mar 19/ Session 9: Discipleship Barrier – How To Deal With Discouragement
Mar 26/ Session 10: Royalty Raises Royalty

The Why

It’s critical for us to produce “heart transformation” instead of “behavior modification” into the lives we have been entrusted. When we create an environment where it’s safe to fail and growth is unlimited, we will get peoples very best. It’s time to raise royalty in your own home and create powerful people!

Must be 18 years or older. Cost: $10 for your study guide.