Our church family and our pastoral staff approach the institution of marriage very seriously. We fully believe that marriage was established by God when He brought the first man and woman together in the garden. It precedes all other human relationships.

We want every engaged couple to know that we are fully committed to the success of every marriage. Therefore, we are fully committed to the Biblical principles regarding marriage. Marriage represents the most important human relationship on earth. We think it is equally important for a couple wanting to be married in a Christian church to recognize and value these principles in their own lives.

The present tragedy of large-scale marriage breakdown, and the emotional carnage caused, especially in children’s lives, is due in large part to a culture who holds the sanctity of marriage in low regard and who ignore the importance of Biblical principle regarding marriage. Cohabitation before marriage even worsens the problem. The divorce rate is significantly higher for those who live together before marriage than for those who do not.

Biblical Principles

A few of the basic Biblical principles that we hold in high regard are:

  • (Genesis 1:27-28, 2:18, 21-24) Marriage is a special relationship between a man and a woman.
  • (Mark 10:6-9) Marriage is meant to last a lifetime. A wedding ceremony is a solemn promise to God and to each other to remain committed to one another for your entire lives.
  • (2 Corinthians 6:14) A Christian and a non-Christian should not seek to be married.
  • (Mark 10:2-12; 1 Corinthians 7) Remarriage after divorce is prohibited in the Bible for a Christian in certain circumstances.
  • (Hebrews 13:4) A couple living together prior to marriage should seek to change their living arrangements prior to seeking a Christian wedding in a church.

We encourage couples to pursue a sense of authenticity in their wedding ceremony consistent with their own values. If a couple is not committed to the biblical values regarding marriage, we encourage you to possibly seek a civil ceremony instead.

If a couple has not embraced one or more of the biblical principles mentioned above in the past, but would like to talk with someone about them, any of our pastoral staff would be more than happy to talk with you about how to embrace such values. Sometimes a degree of life- change is necessary to more fully prepare you for a satisfying marriage that can go the distance. Our pledge is to discuss any of these values with you in a loving, open and positive way.

In addition, our pastoral staff requires that a couple participate in a thorough premarital counseling process prior to their wedding at Katy Community Fellowship. This process usually involves 4-6 sessions over a period of approximately 8-10 weeks.

Scheduling Requirements

Must be a member of Katy Community Fellowship for at least 6 months prior to scheduling a date.

Weddings are only available to member’s immediate family.

Must have a Katy Community Fellowship Pastor participate in the ceremony and have any guest participating Pastors approved in advance.

Bride and Groom must complete Katy Community Fellowship approved premarital counseling prior to wedding.

Weddings may be placed on the calendar no more than one year in advance for members.

Weddings without receptions at Katy Community Fellowship must be scheduled no later than 5:00 PM.

Weddings with receptions held at Katy Community Fellowship must be scheduled no later than 2:00 PM.

All activities must conclude no later than 6:30 PM.

Weddings may not be scheduled on Sundays, major holidays or in conflict with on-going church activities.

Thirty (30) days prior to the wedding date, the prospective bride and groom should arrange for a personal conference with the officiating pastor and/or hostess to coordinate ceremony logistics.

Making The Reservation

Anyone wishing to schedule a wedding a Katy Community Fellowship must contact the Pastor’s Administrative Assistant at 281.391.0099 to discuss available dates on the church calendar.

The bride and groom must then arrange a preliminary conference with a member of the KCF pastoral staff (even if someone other than a pastor of KCF is officiating). Please note that it is required that a KCF pastor perform the vows in the ceremony and other participating pastors must be approved by a KCF pastor. The pastor will decide after that conference whether to confirm the desired wedding date.

No wedding dates are confirmed until approved by a member of the Pastoral Staff of Katy Community Fellowship.

A deposit of $250 secures your date on the calendar once approved by a KCF Pastor. This deposit will be returned within two weeks after the wedding if all the requirements in the Wedding Brochure and its supplements are met.