Joining Our Church

Members at Katy Fellowship are identified as HELPERS. We believe using this term communicates a pro-active message that people who belong to Katy Fellowship are “participators” rather than “spectators.”

New HELPERS Sundays celebrate those who have committed to Katy Community Fellowship. We ask those who wish to be part of the KCF family have:

  1. A relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Will commit to become people of prayer
  3. Attend the HELPERS 101 course offered the following week

At the conclusion of the service new individuals or families are announced and welcomed with warm applause.

Membership at KCF

Katy Community Fellowship offers three classes designed to establish a foundation of truth, trust, vision, and purpose for all those who attend KCF. These classes are taught by the pastoral staff and are an excellent way to get acquainted with our staff and with Katy Community Fellowship. Classes are held at the Crossing. For more information on dates and registration, call the church office. For more information contact the church office 281-391-0099 .

Helpers 101

Join us for Helpers 101 where we discuss topics like our salvation, our Statement of Faith and our structure, along with mission, vision, and our membership covenant. Each of these are explained thoroughly with opportunities for Q&A.

Helpers 201

In Helpers 201 will go a bit deeper into your walk. We’ll cover topics like maturity as well as provide you with insights on developing sound, spiritual habits that enable a Christian to grow.

Helpers 301

You’ll finish off the Helpers classes covering Ministry in this 301. Spiritual gifts are explored and identified with the purpose of plugging people into their life ministry.