What To Expect

The Top Ten Questions About KCF

(Do I really have to dress like I’m going to a wedding?)
Quite simply: Wear whatever you like. For instance, our Worship Pastor usually wears jeans and a nice button up shirt, whereas our Youth Pastor usually wears khakis and a button up shirt. Ladies wear anything from jeans and a pullover shirt, to Capri’s and sleeveless shirt or dresses and the like. Then there are our students: Most of them wear jeans and T-shirts, but a few even wear shorts. All in all, there is no dress code, we want you to be comfortable and to feel the freedom to come as you are. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you have to pretend to be someone else. Come just as you are… well, maybe we should at least mention that shirt and shoes are kind of required to get in the building…
(In other words, are they like me?)
Katy Fellowship can best be described as a church of real people. We don’t put so much effort into presenting “perfection.” We enjoy polish and production as much as anyone else, but we just focus on being who God created us to be. Race is not an issue at Katy Fellowship. You’ll find every color in our people. Social status has no relevance. You will see farmers hugging bankers, oil men and truck drivers laughing with CEOs and City Leaders. In short, if we desire to be a church for the community, then why wouldn’t we be a church of the community? You belong here.
(And more importantly, will they like it?)
In a nutshell, we’re crazy about kids at Katy Fellowship and more time, energy, and space is devoted to their ministry than to any other in our church. Visit our Connect section and check our Children’s Ministry; there you’ll see all about our offerings for children birth to 5th grade. For 6th through 12th grade students, check out the Student Ministry (also under Connect.) All of our children and student ministries are broken up into appropriate age groups with age specific activities and curriculum.
(Or, how do I know my children are safe with you?)
It’s a shame that society has come to the point where nothing seems to be safe anymore. At Katy Fellowship, we take the safety of your (and our) children very seriously. Each child is registered into our Children’s Ministry at the entrance to the Children’s Corridor. Each “branch” of the Children’s Ministry meets in a different room with their own Teachers and Assistants. Once a child is checked in, they are not allowed to leave that Corridor until you, the parent, come back to check them out.
(Do I have to be good at aerobics to attend?)
Sometimes church services can seem a lot like an aerobics class… “Sit, Stand, Sit, Stand, now step to the left…” I don’t know about you, but I have actually left a church service before feeling exhausted just from the physical effort it took to be in the audience! At Katy Fellowship, we want you to feel free to worship as you need to. Our service starts with an upbeat worship song, and we then have everyone greet one another briefly while beginning our main set of worship (usually 3 to 4 songs going from upbeat praise into more intimate worship). Our pastor then comes up, leads us all in a brief time of corporate prayer, after which an offering is taken while either the worship team or a guest performs an offertory song. The pastor usually speaks for about 25 – 30 minutes, with some form of response time. We then briefly touch on our major announcements before dismissing. Most people stand through our worship time, though it’s certainly not required… though we do sit through the message time – just in case you were wondering.
(And is there some unwritten behavioral rule for worship?)
Yet another shame in this day and age, though conflicts over church music are nothing new. Our belief is this: Music that honors God is worship music, whether it is 100 years old or one year old. We value the hymns and old standards just as much as we value songs by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redmond. We do have a worship team, or band if you will. As for worship participation, the only thing we ask of you is that you sing loud if you know it. Other than that, feel free to raise your hands or sit on them, however you respond to God in worship is between you and Him – no one will judge you for how you do or do not behave during worship.
(Will I have a headache or be an emotional wreck afterwards?)
Without going into too much detail about topical vs. exegetical teachings, let us just say that our Pastor teaches the word of God. He may use movie clips or current events to turn our attention to scripture, but rest assured, you won’t be overwhelmed with lofty concepts and difficult lectures, nor will you be manipulated and coerced into a false emotional rush or guilt trip. The best way to describe our Pastor’s teaching is to say that he is authentic and, once you hear him speak, you’ll realize he’s not putting on a show – he’s teaching from his heart. That’s why we love him, and we’re pretty sure you will too.
(Will I be put in the spotlight or asked for money?)
There are some churches that will practically drag you up on stage your first time there. That won’t happen here. Our Sanctuary has the lights turned low, which lends easily to a sense of comfortable anonymity (big word for the day meaning you don’t have to be an extrovert to visit our church). We also try to make it clear each week that we do not expect visitors to give to our offering. We believe that the tithe is indeed an Old and New Testament teaching (contrary to some who despise the tithe) and therefore we encourage our members to show their commitment to God and their gratitude for His blessings by giving back through their tithe. Again, this is a way for members to give back to God, we don’t expect visitors to take part. But of course, as with anyone with financial obligations, we won’t turn away your gift either.
(In other words, should I take my phone off the hook now?)
While our pastor will write you a welcome letter – emphasis on write – no one will come knocking on your door wanting to come into your home and interrogate you on your life story. Nor will we call your number every other week inviting you to be a part of our next big thing. We may, from time to time, mail you a postcard or send you a note, but other than that, we believe that if you desire to be a part of our church, you will come to that decision and we’re sure you’ll let us know when you’re ready. Until then, we’re here to encourage you and welcome you each and every time you visit, and we promise not to go all creepy on you and start stalking you…
(How do I become a member?)
Even if you hate our church, please honor us with at least letting us know how we can improve. If you like our church, let us know! Watch our calendar or our bulletins for our next “New Member Sunday” and simply fill out the card enclosed in the bulletin that morning. Pastor Tim will recognize you at the end of that morning’s service and you’ll be invited to attend our HELPERS 101 Class that afternoon. At 101, you’ll be caught up on where our church has come from and where God is taking it in the months and years to come. At the end of that Class, you’ll be given a Membership Covenant (don’t worry, there are no blood or legal agreements). After that, it is entirely up to you how much or how little you invest yourself in the ministry of Katy Fellowship.